Time Saving

Up to 75 % of productivity compared to the standard process of looking for the part number through the technical documentation.


Cabin Log Book or status cross-check are no more needed to know if defective part is already registered.


Thanks to comments and photos, crosscheck in the aircraft is no more requested after the engineer inspection.


By displaying the technical doc figures in three clicks, engineer knows which part must be requested without equipment disassembly.


By deleting pen & paper and keyboarding, there is no mistake on Part Number ordering.

Know How

Instead of spending hours in front of technical documentation, Engineer ensure his core competency: maintenance.

Stock Economy

Relevant spare part is requested at the right quantity instead of expensive sub-assemblies.

Passenger Satisfaction

Thanks to the interface priorities proposal, corrective actions are focused on most perceptible defects.

Continuous Improvement

Engineering department can improve the process and equipment by analysing the most time consuming maintenance taks.

Short Turn Around Time

By reducing time between inspection and purchase order, Logistics department is not monopolized by rush shipments.


Find out the main characteristics of our seamless tools: AirInt’ Software, and discover the targeted users.

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Visualize all the features proposed by AirInt’ Software and contemplate how its possibilities will enhance your maintenance process.

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By using AirInt' Software, you will only focus on cabin maintenance because you always have the right information at the right time. But you can see typical example of our cloud computing approach.

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Switch to the most productive process for maintenance may be challenging, see the questions of our customers.

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