Frequently Asked Questions

We would be glad to organize a short demo and get the scope of the equipment you want to be supported by AirInt’ Software. Once technical documentation is uploaded in our database, we only send an e-mail to the mobile device of your choice for deployment.

Then only few minutes of presence on the ramp are necessary to train your team… Concerning the web reporting, we offer a limited number of customized dashboards in addition of the standard ones.

Yes. We propose a set of web services to your IT Department so that your information can be displayed on AirInt’ Software interface (such as stock quantity for a specific Part Number) but also send information to create picking list, purchase order…etc.

Because this is our exclusive background and that’s why we’re able to propose such straightforward tool. But as soon as you’ll train us on other equipment maintenance, we’ll know what kind of information is requested on the ramp to extend the AirInt’ Software scope.

As each customer is operating different aircraft types with various cabin configurations, we always make a customized proposal that is function of the quantity of technical documentation to be integrated in the database and the level of customization required.

But time saving and stock economy are so huge that AirInt’ Software has always been considered as cheap by our customer when they obtain the Return On Investment within few weeks.

Yes. In addition of our hotline, we propose optional services such as complementary training, dedicated interface and dashboard, data analysis to issue recommendations on stock coverage, equipment modification, preventing adjustments…etc.


Find out the main characteristics of our seamless tools: AirInt’ Software, and discover the targeted users.

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Visualize all the features proposed by AirInt’ Software and contemplate how its possibilities will enhance your maintenance process.

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By using AirInt' Software, you will only focus on cabin maintenance because you always have the right information at the right time. But you can see typical example of our cloud computing approach.

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As proposing one of the highest Return On Investment of the maintenance industry is not enough, just have a look to the benefits of AirInt' Software.

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