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    1. Synchronization

     While beginning his shift, the engineer is connected to the cloud
    so that data are downloaded to be up to date (previous shift data,
    technical revision, new aircraft in the fleet).

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    2. Maintenance

     Once synchronized, engineer doesn't need any internet connection
    to report maintenance directly in the aircraft. Without any technical
    documentation he can get the right Part Number to raise a defect,
    take a picture and mention any comments he want.

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    3. Monitoring

     After end of shift synchronization, manager can monitor cabin
    maintenance through the internet by organizing spare part replacement
    and corrective action performance with full traceability.

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    How implement AirInt' Software in your company?

    Only 3 steps are needed

    1. 1 Technical documentation integration: whatever the document
      communicated (CMM, IPC, SB... etc.) we do care about upload in our
      data base.
    2. 2 Deployment: e-mail is sent to the mobile device for
      application installation.
    3. 3 Training: despite intuitive interface, we enjoy access to
      the ramp with your team to optimize the AirInt' Software first use.

From the same data base 2 different applications aimed to different users

Thanks to data integration of the technical documentation, AirInt’ Software provides to cabin maintenance staff, 2 software solutions designed for productivity and full traceability.

Data are 24/7 available and customized according to the user through mobile device or the Internet.


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