AirInt' Software

A turnkey solution for cabin maintenance management

It uses the latest technologies available to easily maintain the highest level of quality of the aircraft interiors, requested by passengers.

AirInt' Software consists in 2 breakthrough tools

  1. 1 A mobile solution especially designed for technicians
  2. By its revolutionary approach, this tool will let you identify a part in three clicks. Then, you will be able to raise a defect, take a picture and mention any comment you want. At the end of the shift, all the data are gathered and automatically synchronized with the cloud.

  3. 2 A web solution especially designed for managers
  4. Take advantage of the Internet to monitor your cabin anywhere in the world. With its integrated dashboard, access to any information entered in the mobile solution. Manage cabin appearance during line maintenance, anticipate your incoming check, order spare parts thanks to dynamic graphs designed for deep analysis .


Discover all the features proposed by AirInt' Software and contemplate how its possibilities will enhance your maintenance process.

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By using AirInt' Software, you will only focus on cabin maintenance because you always have the right information at the right time. But you can see typical example of our cloud computing approach.

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As proposing one of the highest Return On Investment of the maintenance industry is not enough, just have a look to the benefits of AirInt' Software.

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Switch to the most productive process for maintenance may be challenging, see the questions of our customers.

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